Christians have been Baptized since the time of Jesus’ earthly ministry. It is an important event in a person’s life, marking the new beginning as a member of the family of God (the Church) and their commitment to live as “disciples” or “followers” of Jesus Christ for the rest of their lives. For children, this commitment to follow Jesus is made by their parents and Godparents, who make declarations and promises “with the help of God.”

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At a Christening your child is Baptised, and three different sets of promises are made, each by different people…


God Promises… to adopt us into His family, the Church to set us free from a destructive way of life (what we call sin) to give us His Holy Spirit so that we can live like Jesus to give us hope, that the way things are in the world is not how they will always be, and that he has a big plan for everything.


You Promise… to own the Christian faith for yourself to pray for your child/ children and set them a good example to bring them to Church regularly and become part of the Church family to teach them about Jesus and the Christian faith.


Church Promises… to welcome you and your child into the Church family to be a source of help, support, & friendship when you need it to help you learn the faith, and put it into practice to help you teach your child about Jesus to pray for you and your family.


We recognise that if you didn’t know Baptism was partly about promises— God’s, Yours, and Ours—then some of this can come as bit of a surprise! That’s why we have a time to prepare for baptism—to help you.

Preparing for your christening service

We ask you to join us for worship (and social time afterwards) for a couple of months, so we can get to know each other, and you can find out more about the Christian faith. The best way to do this is with our Messy Church service every month. Click here for more information.


Booking a Christening

Christenings in this parish ordinarily happen on the Fourth Sunday of the month.

To make arrangements for a Christening, please feel free to turn up at Church one Sunday morning and speak with the Rector – contact details – click here.


Regular Church Services . . . Click here


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