Churchyard Maintenance

Important Churchyard Maintenance


We are sorry for the distress and upset that we may have caused to you and to your families with the work we have been doing in our churchyard.

Unfortunately, we have to bring our churchyard into line with the Church of England churchyard regulations set out by Chester Diocese, a task that we have been working on steadily over the last 5 years.

Gradually we have been asking people to remove ornaments and mementoes from the graves, and to have just a couple of stone vases for flowers – we encourage people to have flowers – either real or silk – on graves.

It is not our intention to cause distress, but the Diocese has told us we need to do this work.  We have tried to let people know what we are doing in the churchyard.  There are many signs and notices up to show what is allowed and not allowed – we have attached tags and notices to graves, and posted news and videos on the church Facebook page – and I’m often around church and in the churchyard talking to people about what we are doing.

Many families have responded to these conversations, they have removed ornaments and mementoes and created a place of remembrance in their own gardens, which is a lovely idea.

Any items the Churchwardens have removed have been logged and stored safely, for you to collect.  They have not been stolen or thrown away.

If this has happened to you, please contact the Churchwardens to arrange to collect your items.  Thank you.

Please click here for our information leaflet   and see the Churchyard Regulations here

Churchwardens Jane Baker      phone: 01270 876363


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