Future Plans


Future Plans for our church

(Better known as Divine Relief and Reordering!)


Dear Friend of All Saints’
Seven years ago, the church embarked on a project to renew the church building to make it fit for our community in the 21st Century. The first phase was to create a raised stage around the Altar area to enhance the space for leading worship that is more flexible and accessible for people with a disability.
Over the past three years the PCC (Parochial Church Council) has been working on the next phase, consulting with church members, residents of Church Lawton and other organisations with an interest in the church. The proposed plans address all the main difficulties and issues raised; these include:
• Toilet facilities within the church building,
• New heating system
• More flexible central space

The estimate for the proposal is around £150,000 and the challenge now is to raise this money. We are looking to fund this through donations, grant applications, fund-raising and Gift Aid. We have also launched an appeal to raise funds.

We are asking anyone who loves our ancient church building to consider how they could help and to complete a Pledge Card if they are able to donate to the project. Please download the card and print it out.

We would also appreciate any support you can offer. You can help in a number of ways:
• Complete a Pledge Card (we don’t need money now, only when the work has commenced)
• Ideas for and help with fundraising activities
• Ideas of where to apply for grants, or organisations who might be willing to help
• Pray for the successful completion of the project

Thank you

Rector All Saints’ Church Lawton

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